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TW Performance provides D.O.T. /B.I.T. Vehicle Safety Inspections in order to keep your company in compliance with State and Federal Regulations. 

Welding & Fabrication

Air Conditioning Service
Battery Diagnostic and Replacement
Box Truck Body Repair
Electrical System Diagnostics
Lube, Oil Filter with Inspection
Compete Suspension
Welding (Steel, Aluminum, Stainless)
DOT/BIT Inspections
Waste Oil disposed of legally​

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EFS National Bank

T-Check Systems

​Fleet One

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TW Performance is committed to providing you with both qualified service and complete repair for your truck.  We offer custom-tailored maintenance plans to keep your individual vehicle, or fleet vehicle, in its optimum running condition.

Truck Services & Repair:

Preventative Maintenance (PM)
Complete Diagnostic Services
Engine Repair:
- Turbo Service
- Fuel Injection Service
- Belt and Hose Replacement
- Power Steering
- Alternator
- Starter
Cooling System
ABS, Brakes

Service & Maintenance

TW Performance can repair or replace door skins, panels, latches, hinges and any other door needs you may have.

Door Repair

TW Performance are experts at repairing pumps, hoses and cylinders. Offering complete electrical diagnostic of liftgate operation and charging system to keep your liftgate in perfect operating order.  We also offer welding and fabrication services for your liftgate needs.

TW Performance utilizes the most up-to-date Computer Diagnostics software with the ability to professionally service your medium to-large truck fleet.

Truck Service & Repair


Monday through  Friday 7:00 am - 4:30 pm

Service & Maintenance

Computer Diagnostics

Electrical System Diagnostics

Diagnose Air System
Lube and Inspection
Complete Suspension and Shock Replacement
Welding (Steel, Aluminum, Stainless)

DOT/BIT Inspections

TW Performance is committed to providing you with qualified service and repair for your trailer.  We offer custom-tailored maintenance plans to keep your individual trailer, or fleet trailer, in its optimum running condition.

Trailer Services & Repair:

Preventative Maintenance (PM)
Complete wiring and light diagnostic
Brakes, Brake Chambers
Body Panel Replacement
Corner Cap & Roof Repair

​Landing Gear

Trailer Service & Repair

TW Performance is a full service repair and maintenance facility for medium to large duty trucks, trailers and Fleet vehicles. Since 2004, TW Performance has provided Silicon Valley with services that include: Commercial Truck Service, complete Trailer Repair, Computer Diagnostics, Liftgate Repair, Rear Roll Up & Swing Door Repair, Welding and Fabrication, DOT/BIT Inspections and many other services.  More...

​​Specializing in Diesel Truck & Trailer Service
TW Performance Truck & Trailer Repair

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Conveniently located in Silicon Valley,  Montague Expressway & Highway 680 

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TW Performance has complete welding and fabrication support for your vehicle.  We specialize in welding steel, aluminum and stainless steel. 

Liftgate Repair

DOT/BIT Inspections